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Sarah Kang

Sarah studied fine arts at Seoul Women’s University, located in Korea. Throughout her art career she has utilized a variety of art styles and techniques. She immigrated to Canada in 2003 and from then on she taught basic art to children until 2020 due to the pandemic. She also illustrated the children’s book “My dream, my world”, back in 2016. Before the pandemic art was always a hobby, she made art whenever she could find spare time for herself. However, once the pandemic hit she stopped teaching and decided to focus on her own art and declared herself as a full time artist in 2020.

Formless nonfigurative objects such as the ocean, fire, nature or her religion would be the main inspiration for her art.

She believes that if an object’s form is still and precise it is already defined; therefore, there is no room for imagination. In the last couple of years nature has been a focal point behind the inspiration of her art. Currently, she is working on flowers. The beauty, strength, and sweetness of the flowers talk to Sarah with different faces everyday. Flowers are viewed as very elegant and delicate plants; however, they have the strength to survive through the most hostile circumstances. So, Sarah uses watercolour which is portrayed as a gentle method of painting in a very vivid way which shows the strength inside of the flowers that she paints.

She is not sure what objects or thought will start to talk to her in the future but she knows she will have creative open eyes, ears and all senses to feel beautiful and powerful energy.