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Paul Shannon

Paul has worked as a photo artist for many years and has participated in numerous shows and events. He uses his own photographic images from BC and around the world to create unique, functional and decorative home decor pieces.

Colour, light, interesting perspectives and texture speak to Paul. He is passionate about using various materials in the creation of his work to see how his images respond differently to a range of mediums, including wood, metal, canvas, marble and more!

As he sees the world in images, he hopes that others see something special in his work through their own interpretation. For Paul, capturing a moment in time is very rewarding. Yet, his work is not simply documenting a subject; rather, it creates a feeling, a mood, and a vision through the use of colour, light, materials and textures. A lot of Paul's inspiration comes from the natural world that surrounds us. He has exhibited his work at many shows in British Columbia and across Canada.

Paul can be reached at Murals and More Décor: