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Luci Gimenes

Luci Gimenes' passion for jewelry making started quite by accident. She has enjoyed doing crafts ever since childhood. Her mother is guilty of this influence. A very patient and wonderful teacher, a perfectionist in whatever she was doing, she taught Luci that whatever she wanted to make should be well done. So she started learning with no fear of making mistakes because she could always improve her work.

A friend started her on bead jewelry and from there she went on searching for better quality materials for finishing the pieces, and looking for different material (glass, crystal, natural beads, wire, leather strings, etc) and new techniques (different weaves and stitches). She was always curious how things were made and still can’t settle until learning how to make a new piece. She was specially amazed by chain maille and started researching and learning about the variety of chains and rings and wire for the past 3 years.

Originally from Brazil, she taught classes on bead jewelry at the local Art Centre in the city of Belo Horizonte.

A variety of Luci's work can be found year round in the Blackberry Gift Shop.

You can contact her at: