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Dilys Huang

Dilys was born and raised in the Metro Vancouver area and currently resides in the Tri-Cities. She has enjoyed doing art since at a young age, including participating in various colouring and drawing contests when she was a child. In order to continue and further pursue her creative journey, Dilys decided to enroll in the IB Art Programme during high school. There, she had the opportunity to explore using different media and styles to express her ideas. She later studied urban planning in university.

With her background and interest in planning, Dilys is curious and fascinated by the surrounding environment. Her ink and watercolour sketches tend to focus on buildings, cities, and the urban landscape. She draws much of her inspiration from what she sees and places she has been to or travelled to.

Besides working on her own art, Dilys also enjoys being involved in the local community. This includes exploring the city by meeting up with other fellow planners as part of a local urban sketch club.

Dilys can be reached at: