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Denise Jeffrey

Denise Jeffrey is a Burnaby-based ceramic artist, most recently (2020 – 2021) Artist in residence at Museum of Anthropology (MOA) working in the Judy Cranmer Ceramics Laboratory, located in the museum’s Multiversity Galleries. Denise obtained a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 1999, majoring in ceramics. After apprenticing with potters on Nova Scotia’s south shore (Lunenburg, Mahone Bay), she went on to establish a studio near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Denise also served on the board of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council until 2009. The recipient of numerous awards, she has exhibited her work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Washington State and British Columbia. After moving to British Columbia in 2009, Denise became involved with the ceramics community here, serving as President of the Potters Guild of BC (2012-2015) and the North West Ceramics Foundation (2016-2018).

Working in clay gives Denise a strong sense of fulfillment. While process and product are important elements, she also enjoys the way pots connect people. Denise has had the privilege to hear many stories about how her pieces become part of people’s daily lives or special events. Carving, texturing and inlay are decorative elements she uses in much of her work, her goal being to create pieces that can be appreciated for their form, colour and feel -- and be used every day around the home.